About Us

What’s Media Blend Studios All About?

Media Blend Studios specializes in photography designed to go viral on social media.

This is a very exciting time to create beautiful pictures and images that can be appreciated by many different audiences and across many different platforms.  Social media plays such an important role in our lives in 2015.

Did you know that most Americans look at their Facbook Account before they even get out of bed or before they brush their teeth in the morning and at a minimum while they have breakfast.

It is a wide open frontier that can be used to get attention, publicity and notoriety.  It can also be used for financial gain and to establish a brand image among the most diehard fans of an idea, sport, team or whatever you like.

Do you want to cash in on this trend? Have something creative and unique to share with the world but you have been looking for a way to get the message out? Let us help you spread the word! Let us help you get millions of people around the world share the word.

There are blog posts, quotes, images and now videos that go viral. Why not let us help you create a strategy and implement a plan that combines all of this for the benefit of your brand or business?

We offer several services.

1.  Onsite photography session.  We’ll travel to your site or to the destination of your choice to create the most share worthy and memorable photographs and videos for your social media accounts.
2.  In studio photography session.  We have a 4000 square foot studio where we create many different looks.   We even have a green screen and then we have the technology and expertise to add your video to almost any background for even more social appeal.
3.  Props and set design.  We’ll bring in the entire team needed to create the backdrop, set or surroundings for your image.  We can get wedding limos from our favorite local limo company in San Diego. We can get trees and flowers, arbors, red carpet, and just about anything else you can imagine for the photos.
4. Social media strategy design and implementation.  We can develop a social media plan for you or your business that incorporates the well known social media platforms like Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and many more.
5. Social media maintainance.  Once you’ve invested in the right images to kickstart your social media presence, we offer affordable plans for follow up photo shoots and we’ll manage your social media accounts for you. We have a trained and experienced staff ready to plan, post, pontificate on your behalf on all of those social media accounts.  We can coordinate content across the platforms and ensure a consistent brand presence for you and your business.
6.  Videography Services.  Not only do we have gifted photographers, we have an exceptional video crew and state of the art equipment to create viral videos to propel your videos to immediate widespread popularity.  We can also add additional video sessions as a part of the maintainance plan. Just ask.
7.  Video editing.  Have your own potentially viral videos from events, spur of the moment activities or interactions from customers?  We can edit them for the biggest effect and give you the best chance to “go viral.”
8.  Video hosting services. You’ve invested in dynamic videos, and you want to make sure that they aren’t hacked, stolen or poached. We offer super fast, super safe video hosting services.

So whether you want a few shots to impress your friends and family or you want an entire marketing plan that revolves around a dynamic social media strategy, contact Mediablendstudios.com